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There are now 10+ members of CIAS offering wide range of courses in the areas of professional training and licensed & education programmes in addition to an array of consultancy services and the opportunity for clients to devise their own bespoke programmes to meet the high standards of the fast paced aviation sector.

Below are some of our courses, for more information contact: Emma Olohan, College Ireland. Email:, Tel: 01-6217368 & 01-6217300.

 BSC Hons Management Practice – Aviation Sector (Part time)

A tailored programme delivered in collaboration with College Ireland Aviation Services catering for your unique needs. The BSc Hons Management Practice is designed to assist those practising or aspiring managers wishing to update their skills and competencies and achieve a primary degree. It is intended that participants will use their learning to enhance not just their own personal and professional development but to stimulate business improvement in their own organisation. Programme design and delivery is intensive and challenging yet recognises busy management schedules and keeps in mind work-life balance….more

Category B Licences (Aimed at Line Maintenance)

categoryBlicencesCategory B Licences can also be used within base maintenance, in inspection or supervisory roles. Category B licences are separated into Mechanical and Avionics disciplines, identified and B1 and B2 respectively. Candidates undertaking some modules will note that because of the complexity of these modules, they have been broken into discrete parts. However, candidates must sit all of the topics required by their conversion requirements or the complete module in one examination…. more


Short Programmes Include: 

  • Human Factors, Health & Safety & Wellness Programme .
  • Introduction to Project Management 
  • Human Factors Continuation programme
  • Workplace management & Supervisory skills
  • Supervisory Management
  • Click here to download Short Programmes Brochure

Accountable Manager

An Accountable Manager is the single individual who is designated as the person responsible to a Regulatory Authority in respect of the functions which are subject to regulation, and carried out by an aircraft operator, an air navigation service provider, an aircraft maintenance and repair organisation or an airport operator. The Accountable Manager is likely to rely heavily upon a small number of senior managers with subordinate executive responsibility for each area of regulated technical specialist in their organisation. These people will report directly to the  Accountable Manager and may themselves have to be designated and approved by the Regulatory Authority as specific Post Holders… more

 Higher Cert/Degree In Business Management (Aviation MGT)

This Higher Education accredited programme is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the aviation and transport sectors. We are proud to provide programmes to the sector that are industry focused,  delivery is structured to take full cognisance of the nature of the industry, modules written and delivered by industry experts. The Higher Certificate/Degree in Business Management (Aviation) is designed to equip students with competence in key business functions and a range of core contemporary business skills with a specific emphasis on the aviation sector…more

Aircraft Leasing & Project Management

This programme has been developed by CIAS with expertise sourced within the Aviation Leasing Sector. Ireland can be described as the ‘birthplace’ of aircraft leasing and currently half of all commercial aircraft worth over €80billion in assets is managed from Ireland, via 9 of the world’s top 10 leasing companies. The programme is intended for people who wish to work as Technical Representatives in the Leasing Sector (or may already have some experience within the Sector), or for those who may be working for companies who have to interact with this Sector and want to have a better understanding of how it operates…more

Career Transition Development

This Service is developed to assist YOU in reviewing past experiences, present needs, and identifying the preparation required to secure future goals.

Career Transition Meetings are carried out on a one to one basis.

Career Transition Development includes:

  • Personal Introduction
  • Career Planning
  • Professional Development Preparation
  • Workplace Preparation
  • Interview Techniques

Click Here to download Career Transition Development Flyer


Contact: Emma Olohan, College Ireland. Email:, Tel: 01-6217368 & 01-6217300

All of our courses will be available to book online soon, in the meantime Contact Us.