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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CIAS advise me on which course(s) would best advance my career path?

A. Yes, CIAS can advise on any questions relating to progression in all aspects of aviation career

Where do CIAS courses take place?

A. CIAS courses are held in the training centres of our partners in Ireland. Our partners are based at or near major airports. However, should you be interested in training for a number of people or a large group, it may be possible for our highly experienced trainers to deliver the course where you are, please contact us to discuss this further.

What qualification will I get after completing a course?

A. All of our CIAS courses are accredited to the highest of standards and the centres of excellence range from international aviation organisations and authorities to third level institutes.

Can CIAS advise me on all courses offered?
A. Yes, CIAS have a far reaching network of industry experts that would be happy to discuss and advise on any courses offered.


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