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College Ireland Aviation Services (CIAS) is a unique concept within the Aviation Sector.
Our mission is to ensure excellence in services, education and training on a continuous basis by answering the needs of the aviation sector in every respect, to the highest possible standards. We work with and will continue to work with industry partners to ensure that their precise needs are met to the standards they demand.


While CIAS is an Irish initiative, the experience and expertise at our disposal is International and multi-cultural, drawing from Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East – we are proud to present CIAS as a 'One Stop Shop’ for the needs of all who wish to continue their professional development in the aviation sector. To further compound this, we are unique in having the capacity to design a multi-faceted, cost competitive programme to your specification.


We are currently updating our website. Please use the below contact informtion or contact form to get in touch with us.

Our Address

You can contact us by post, phone or email.

College Ireland Aviation Services (CIAS LTD)

Weston Airport
Co. Kildare

Off Junction 5, on the M4


Email us at or give a call at 01 621730001 6217300

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